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Newborn Baby Safety

Specialist newborn photography is a genre where the photographer becomes very hands on, and as such is responsible for their safety and wellbeing for the duration of the session so it is of the upmost importance that all safety and comfort measures are adhered to.

I am a member of The British Association of Newborn Photography (BANP)  This is a specialist organisation which promotes safety in newborn photography. The association insists upon safe working practices and all members are fully insured and signed up to their code of conduct.  As a member, I have been assessed to professional standard and am deemed appropriately skilled working with newborn babies.  The BANP is formed from a selection of the leading newborn photographers in the UK. Between us we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that places us in the unique position of being able to develop the BANP into a superb resource for parents and photographers alike.

It’s vitally important that your newborn bundle of goodness is kept safe, warm and comfortable during your session. The majority of the poses you see in my gallery are actually set up with mum or dad lending a supporting role. At such an early stage, newborn babies’ little bones are still quite soft, so when shot in poses like on elbows under the chin, or balancing on dad’s arm, there is always a supporting hand (or two) keeping baby safe which is then masked out of the final photograph. (known as compositing) Also it’s very important that they are held inches above an extra large beanbag or on the parent’s lap.

Equally as important, they can’t be left in a particular position for too long as it can affect their circulation which may not be fully developed yet. During a shoot I am constantly monitoring this.

I sometimes use props to add a little fun or variety to a session, however I never use anything made of glass and any wooden items are checked thoroughly for rough edges. Baby is always protected from hard surfaces by a blanket, throw or pillow. I also continually monitor the ambient temperature of the studio during a shoot to make sure it’s comfortable for them.

Not all babies are happy to adopt all poses. Some like to curl up and some like to stretch out. If I don’t get a positive reaction when trying to pose baby in a particular position then I will stop and try a different pose. Their comfort, with all safety measures in place is key to achieving fabulous results.

My training in the field of newborn safety posing is extensive and continual, and I keep up to date with all the latest developments to ensure a safe and happy baby.

Welcome to the World!

Your session should ideally be booked in advance of your due date and of course the dates will be flexible depending on whether your little one has arrived early or late (or, as occasionally  happens, on your due date !)

They should be held within the first two weeks of baby’s arrival in order to make the most of their long sleeps and bendiness ! They still graduate towards the foetal position at this age which lends itself to all sorts of  natural, adorable poses.

As  you can imagine, slow and careful is the order of the day, intermingled with feeding sessions and rocking back to sleep, which all leads up to your session taking up to four hours. So bring lots of milk and patience and you will be rewarded with the most beautiful memories of this very special time in your lives.

Your newborn session will be given priority over any others due to the time factors involved. It will be usually be held at my home studio where I can easily control temperature, lighting and safety issues and also have access to various props and backgrounds. However if you would prefer me to come to your home for the shoot, this can be arranged.

The cost of a newborn session is £75 booking fee midweek or £120 at weekends, with option one two or three of the general price list applying. Your booking fee includes a complimentary digital announcement jpeg for you to share with family and friends online on the day of your shoot. The remainder of your images will be ready to view in approximately 7-10 days.

For further information just give me a call and we can have a chat about any further requirements.
British Association of Newborn Photographers

I am a member of the British Association of Newborn Photographers.

The British Association of Newborn Photography (BANP) is a specialist organisation promoting safe baby and newborn photography. BANP insist upon safe working practices and all photographers are fully insured and sign up to the BANP code of conduct. All BANP photographers have been assessed to be of a professional standard and are appropriately skilled working with babies.

International Professional Photographers' Network

I am also a member of the International Professional Photographer’s Network. IPPN’s main goal is to continually challenge members to improve and develop skills. The IPPN Qualification Programme is one that challenges members to continually improve their photographic skills via a progression through three levels of certification.